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Ways To Make Money While In College

June 04, 2008 By: Category: Aid for College

Everybody knows that it’s hard to save money while attending college. Everything costs money. For the first time (for many), we’re paying for traveling costs instead of just borrowing the family van, paying for our own meals, washing our own clothes, et cetera. Because of busy class schedules, a part-time job might not be a possibility for many students. So, how can a student make money?

MoneyHere are a few creative ways to make a few bucks while in college.

  1. Are you a wiz in a certain class? Consider tutoring other students who are having difficulties. You can post your name, phone number and specialty on a campus bulletin board.
  2. Even though you might be short on time during the week, consider getting a job on the weekend. Most colleges have student employment centers that offer information on part-time jobs for students.
  3. If you’re creative and have even a little experience in graphic design, you can open a store at Cafe Press. It’s free to join. All you have to do is design some images to go on things like t-shirts, mouse pads, coffee mugs and the website does the rest. (Make sure not to put your commission price too high above the base price, or else people won’t buy your merchandise.)
  4. Shutterbugs might want to consider selling photos to stock photo sites. (Try Big Stock Photo or Fotolia.) Not only will it make you a few extra bucks, it’ll also help to get your name out there.
  5. Nowadays, everybody needs a website: restaurants, garage bands, shops, you name it. If you’re an HTML guru, advertise your abilities online or on a campus bulletin board. Discuss your price with the particular client. (A downtown bistro might be willing to pay more than your best friend’s band.)
  6. Got junk you don’t need? Hello eBay and Kijiji!
  7. Similar to eBay in its purpose, Etsy is a giant online mall where artists make and sell their handmade merchandise. If you’re the artsy type, maybe you could try selling handmade jewelry or a painting.
  8. Love shopping? Consider applying to be a secret shopper (also known as a “mystery shopper”). You will be assigned to shop at a certain place, act as a normal customer and then fill out a survey about the quality of service. (Keep in mind, you may be tempted to actually buy something at these stores, which kinda defeats the purpose.)
  9. Like to write? Try blogging for cash. The myUsearch blog is looking for a few people to write college articles for them in exchange for mulah. (That’s what I’m doing right now). Email for more information.
  10. When all else fails, call Grandma.