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Top 10 Tips for Your College Move-in Day

August 25, 2009 By: Category: Campus Life, Housing, What to bring

As the crisp, cool air overtakes the dog days heat of August and as the leaves start to show their fall hues,  the signs are imminet  The start of college is right around the corner.  For many students, this will be their first time away from home.  Living in a dormitory with new faces and new personalities can be overwhelming.  While that can be true, it’s also an exciting opportunity for you to meet other people and to expand your horizons. 


dormroom photo by borman818  

Here at Fort Lewis College, where I work, move-in day will be tomorrow.  I’m excited to see our freshmen students, students whom we have been working with over the past 6-9 months. As part of Move-in Day tradition, Fort Lewis faculty and staff are there to lend a hand.   Our football players even come up to assist with the heavy loads!  Our involvement is based in our belief in personal attention and sense of community.  We want Fort Lewis to feel like a home away from home for our students.  

As I try to mentally prepare for a long day of moving boxes and furniture, I begin to think about what tips I would provide to new students entering dorm life for the first time.  So here I go.  My Top 10 list for moving into dorms…

  1. Measure your room first. I always see a good number of disappointed students who can’t fit their extra-long couch into their room.
  2. Hang a dry erase board on the exterior of your door so that friends can leave you messages.
  3. Call your roommate prior to Move-In Day so that you can divide up items to bring such as TV, stereo, Wii, etc.
  4. Bring posters. Add some of your personality to your walls.
  5. Bring flip-flops or shower shoes for trips to the bathroom.
  6. Don’t use nails or screws when hanging up items. You’ll pay for these marks on Move-Out Day.
  7. Ask your parents to send care-packages to you. There’s nothing like a care-package from home in the middle of the semester. An instant pick-me up.
  8. Bring food and snacks. It might be a while before you make it to the grocery store. Stock up in advance.  Food is a great way to meet people.   
  9. Bring a hand-truck with wheels especially if you live on the 2nd or 3rd floor. This will greatly ease your move-in process.
  10. Enjoy the day, and get to know your hallmates. You’ll spend a lot of time in your dorm.   Be social and have fun! 

Remember everyone one is in this for the first time.  Don’t be shy.  Good luck with your move!