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Things You’ll Forget to Buy for Your Dorm Room

August 01, 2008 By: Category: Campus Life, What to bring

So you’re scrambling to get everything ready before you leave for college and you’re probably wondering what you are forgetting. Before you hyper-ventilate, remember there will actually be stores in your college town. However, don’t relax too much because the stores on campus will be packed with thousands of freshman just like you. Oh, and don’t forget. You can rest assured that the stores will hike their prices to give you unsuspecting freshman a nice, warm welcome. But wait, you’re not an unsuspecting freshman. Are you?

Read this post so you don’t fall victim to the freshman shopping mousetrap.


Photo by Dan Nicholas

If you haven’t done any college shopping, than you should check out our list of 25 College Must Haves and College Dorm Items Worth the Investment. But, if you’re just putting on the finishing touches, be sure to read this List of Things You’re Sure to Forget:

  1. Dorm Dishes: Trust me, you’ll need them. This set has four of each piece and it’s really cheap:


  2. Silverware: You’ll obviously need some silverware. This is a cheap set. And, in case you’re wondering, I’m not recommending plastic stuff because it’s completely wasteful and terrible for the environment.
  3. Drinking Glasses: Enough said.
  4. Stuff to Wash Dishes: Don’t forget to buy a sponge and some dish soap. You can use your bathroom to wash your stuff out.
  5. A Whistle or Personal Alarm: I don’t want to freak you out, but campus security can be an issue. I recommend putting a whistle on your key chain or a personal alarm in your purse so you can call for help.
  6. Shower Sandals: Avoid athlete’s foot from the questionable dorm showers with some shower shoes.
  7. Cleaning Supplies: If you buy some supplies, you might actually clean your room. I highly recommend buying environmentally safe cleaning products. I especially recommend buying some air freshener and although I do not normally recommend anything disposable, I do recommend buying some disposable dust-grabbers and wipes. A few disposable wipes are better than the weird diseases you could catch from your nasty room and college students aren’t very likely to wash their rags. But please, at least try to buy some environmentally-friendly ones:

That’s all I can think of for now, but please feel free to add anything I have forgotten. Also, if you still need to buy everything, check out these posts:

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