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“Sit Out” the Recession and Go Back to School?

March 02, 2008 By: Category: Career advancement programs

There’s an old piece of advice–when times are good, prepare for the bad, and when times are bad, prepare for the good. Along these lines, with a recession predicted (and maybe already here, especially in some parts of the U.S.), is this the right time for you to go back to school?

Here are three solid reasons you may want to “sit out” this recession and leave the job-hunting to your peers while you work on a Bachelor’s or an advanced degree.

Make yourself more marketable
It’s a fact that, recession or no, the job market is getting more competitive. Climbing the next step on the degree ladder may well be what will bring you to the top of that resume pile when you apply for your dream job. No, your next degree won’t guarantee you a job, but it puts you in a much better position.

Take the economic hit now
Working on a degree usually means less income coming in. Better to exit the job market when jobs are relatively scarce and prepare yourself for the next boom. Rather than wasting a lot of time looking for a new (or better) job, or working mountains of overtime trying to keep yourself off the chopping block for the job you have now, spend that time making yourself more valuable to prospective employers.

Use your college’s career resources
Even in slow economic times, colleges can often point you to a wealth of part-time positions and internships while you’re in school. And when you graduate, career centers and connections you make through fellow alumni or professors can be invaluable in landing the perfect position.

It’s never easy to take the leap and leave the professional world to return to college. But especially in a rocky economic period, it can be the smartest leap you’ll ever make.