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Starting a Business in College

March 05, 2015 By: Chad Category: Campus Life, Helpful tips


People start businesses when they’re in college for a variety of reasons. Some students don’t want to work at jobs that they don’t enjoy, which they may be forced to do if no other jobs are available. Other individuals choose to start businesses in their intended fields; whether they are business majors, students of childhood education, or future cosmetologists. Although starting a business while still enrolled in college can be personally rewarding and ultimately lucrative, such an endeavor requires hard work and perseverance. If you’re a college student and are thinking about starting a business, you may want to consider a variety of factors before getting started. Read the rest of this entry →

Why You Should Consider the University of Washington

February 26, 2015 By: Chad Category: Choosing a College

University of Washington

There are myriad factors that drive a prospective college student to an academic institution. Lifestyle, hobbies, reputation, location, and, of course, academics, all play a role in the student’s decision. For nearly 45,000 undergrads, those factors have driven them to the University of Washington, one of the nation’s leading academic institutions. The University of Washington – a publicly funded institution that celebrated its 150th birthday a few years ago – calls the wonderful city of Seattle home, though it has two small campuses in nearby Tacoma and Bothell. Here’s a look at what makes the University of Washington so special, and why it’s a dynamic choice for most prospective undergraduate students.

Top Tier Research Funding
Nearly ten years ago, the University of Washington surpassed the prestigious $1.0 billion mark for research funding, putting the school in an elite group. While the exact figures fluctuate on an annual basis, the university is consistently among the top seven schools nationwide in terms of research funding. This upper echelon research budget opens countless doors for both undergrads and graduate students (many of whom were also University of Washington undergrads), and, as such, the school supports a high level of individual academic prestige. In 2014, for instance, there was a whopping 262 National Science Foundation fellows from the University of Washington.

Seattle’s Startup Scene
Seattle is home to one of the country’s largest and fastest-growing startup communities. The city that used to be known in tech circles primarily for Microsoft began growing its tech market as laid-off Microsoft employees started their own businesses. Now business is booming in the Pacific Northwest, which is ideal for prospective University of Washington students. Startups represent the perfect community and opportunity for students who have recently graduated, or even for summer jobs or internships. Not only is the University of Washington located in the heart of a thriving and growing tech market, but the school has a large and connected alumni network, increasing the odds of a student landing a great job after graduation.

A Culture That Breeds Difference Makers
At the University of Washington, it’s not just the science students and their research budget that are enacting change. The university exhibits a culture that is seen through all of its more than 440 majors. In 2014, 72 former University of Washington students were volunteering in the Peace Corps, a number higher than at any other institution. From the Peace Corps, to the school’s strong environmental initiatives, to their current research in developing a safer football helmet, the University of Washington fosters the concept of using education to improve individuals’ lives, entire communities, cultures, and societies.

A World-Class Medical School
The University of Washington, recently ranked by the U.S. News & World Report, has the nation’s top primary care and nursing schools. The rest of the university’s medical programs were also ranked highly, meaning that the university offers a truly prestigious medical school. This not only provides great incentive and post-graduate opportunities for undergrads, but also has a trickle down effect, as many medical school graduate students are teacher’s assistants for undergrad courses.

For these reasons – and many more – the University of Washington in Seattle is a must visit for prospective students.


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How Drugs Can Ruin Your College Life

December 07, 2014 By: Chad Category: Campus Life


College life brings about many opportunities and exciting new experiences. Among some of the major attractions in college for young adults, experimenting with drugs top the list for many. Students initially get to experience nightlife for the first time in this phase of life and are exposed to substance abuse at raves and parties. Some students experiment with the use of prescription drugs to improve concentration or to get increasingly better at their academic endeavors. It has been observed that many of the same drugs sometimes have dissimilar effects on different individuals. Mostly, it is the drugs that are used to make one feel high and alleviated that lead to frequent usage and even result in over dose and death. Read the rest of this entry →

Online Learning Tools

December 05, 2014 By: Chad Category: Online Learning


The advent of the Internet and its impact on the increase in technology has stimulated a revolution in the education sector, particularly over the past 25 years. Access to the Internet has created easier access to learning materials for a very diverse audience within the United States and abroad. From classrooms full of young children to adult supplemental career training, all ages of learners all around the globe have found ways to implement online learning resources to further their education. At a younger level, learning has become much more interactive. At a more advanced level, the benefits are almost too countless to name. An emphasis on the benefits of online education tools for sustaining ones education and training into adulthood is a particularly interesting subject. Read the rest of this entry →

Benefits of Early Childhood Education Programs

November 10, 2014 By: Chad Category: General Education

childhood education

Some people would argue that education really starts in kindergarten or first grade, with everything that comes before being no different than daycare. While nobody is disputing the importance of kindergarten and grade school, many studies show that early childhood education – education that begins before kindergarten when children are as young as three years old – is far more beneficial than many people realize. The largest study of this kind examined children and adults up to 28 years old and found that those who were enrolled in pre-kindergarten were more likely to attain a higher level of education, income, and socioeconomic status. Read the rest of this entry →

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