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Holiday Gifts for College Students

December 15, 2009 By: Category: Campus Life, Gifts for college students

With the holidays just around the corner, you may be wondering how on earth you are going to get all of your shopping done. Well, if you have a college-bound student at home or if you know anyone going back to college, here are a few holiday gifts for college students that are sure to produce a smile.


Photo by Brockvicky

  1. Laptop: Let’s face it, college kids really can’t live without a computer anymore. Make sure to buy a laptop that is light enough to carry around campus yet large enough that the screen doesn’t make their eyes cross. If you want your college-bound student to be the cool guy or girl on campus, consider buying them a Macbook. Or if that’s not your cup of tea, check out this article on the best laptops for college students.

  2. Web cam: If you’re worried about sending your loved ones off to college, make sure you’ll be able to see their face every once and a while. A web cam is a great cure for homesickness!

  3. Printer: I can’t tell you how many times I was late to class because the school’s printer was on the fritz. There is nothing like waiting in a 50 person line to print out your term paper. Desktop printers are much more affordable than they used to be and not only will it save your student time, but you might actually spend less than you would on college printing fees.

  4. Shower Caddy: Oh the joy of community bathrooms! Make sure your college student has a place to keep their shower accessories.

  5. Gift Cards: Not sure what to get? College students can always use a little cash. is a great place for students to buy textbooks, electronics and even food for their dorm room.

If these gifts don’t strike your fancy, then check out this article with other great dorm room gifts for college students.

Happy Holidays!