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5 Courses Every College Freshman Should Take

August 22, 2008 By: Category: Alumni advice

Have you decided on your major yet? Given any thought to your career plans?

If you haven’t, don’t worry. However, consider at least taking some core classes that will help you in practically any career you choose. Don’t wait until you’ve chosen your major before diving into these. Most colleges have these courses as freshman-level classes, so you can start laying your foundation now even if you haven’t decided what to do after you get your college degree.

Writing and Literature
Communication skills are an inherent necessity in any field. Regardless of your work, you need to be clear, concise and memorable. Taking a writing, composition and/or speech class will help you produce the all-important editorial voice essential for leaders today. By taking an advanced literature class, you can learn to think and analyze critically, which are important skills for many business and detail-oriented careers.

Understanding human behavior can be key in careers that involve prolonged social interaction. Even a basic introduction to psychology course can help you understand how the human brain works and what triggers certain emotional responses. Few jobs allow you to work in a vacuum. Understanding human interaction and environmental responses can be extremely beneficial throughout your career.

While economic classes do tend to focus on basic financial theory, they also impart the historical context needed to make informed business and financial decisions. While it may not seem important for those who are looking outside of business for career choices, having an understanding of basic economic principles can better help you navigate through tough economic waters that affect your lifestyle outside of work.

While basic math skills are essential in today’s job market, they’re not sufficient. Through statistics, you learn how to manipulate jumbled figures into meaningful data and see patterns to aid in predicting future trends. Statistical understanding is a very marketable skill even outside of business; learning how to at least interpret data gives you an advantage over those with basic math skills.

Foreign Language
Most business today is global, which requires cross-cultural understanding. Even if you don’t plan to work abroad, it’s very possible your future employer will be. By studying a foreign language – especially more common ones such as Spanish, Chinese or French – you gain an edge in tomorrow’s office space. Even if you forget your language skills, just knowing the simple cultural skills these classes impart can help you get off on the right foot.

Regardless of how many of these classes you take, what’s important is that you enroll in a school that fits you and your future plans the best. Using MyUSearch to find the right school is a great start. Then follow up by giving us a call to assist you in presenting your best foot forward in your college application. You can reach us at the AdmissionsConsultants offices at 703.242.5885 or drop us an email. Our experienced consultants can help you with any questions on the application process.