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Best Scholarship Sites on the Web

January 29, 2008 By: Category: Best College Tips, Finding a scholarship

I have spent countless hours researching the best scholarship sites and I now have a serious appreciation for scholarship searchers.  There are so many scholarships out there and there is not one single place to find them.  This list is by no means complete, but it is a list of the best scholarship sites I have found so far.

1) Fastweb:  Fastweb is by far the best scholarship site on the web.  It is similar to myUsearch in the way that it determines the user’s needs through a questionnaire and then matches the user with scholarships that meet their needs.  Their email list is also pretty good.  It sends you updates on new scholarships, deadlines, etc.  WARNING:  This site has a billion advertisements on it.  It is really annoying, but the info you get from the search is worth it.  Just make sure to opt out of the advertisements if you don’t want them to sell your name.

2) This site has a lot of great tips on finding scholarships and paying for school.  It also has information for nontraditional students, online programs and obscure degrees.  As far as I can tell, the site does not sell the contact info of its users.

3) Collegenet This site allows students to register to receive a scholarship and asks users to vote for which students will receive them. This is especially good for students with a great online network.  If you can get all of your friends to vote for you, you might just win.  As far as I can tell, the site does not sell student contact info.

There are hundreds of other sites (and you can search Technorati if you want a complete list), but these three seem to be the best ones I’ve found.  If you have some favorites, please comment!