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What to Do While Waiting for the College Response

March 04, 2009 By: Category: Admissions insider, Application tips, Get into College, Interview tips

While college applications have been submitted and most schools have stopped accepting new applicants (though some still continue to accept applications indefinitely), you are wondering what can be done to alleviate your anxiety, right?

Well, here’s a nice little list of post-application tips for maintaining sanity.

  1. If you haven’t already been in touch with a college admission counselor at some of the schools you’ve applied to, do so now. Give a phone call. An email is fine, but really, a phone call is best. Introduce yourself. Find a reason to talk about school (i.e. maybe your classes are really difficult or you’re feeling exhausted by high school). It’s okay to talk about these things. It makes you more personable and more human.
  2. Keep your grades up. I know that you’ve heard this before, but this is no time to slack off. Stay focused and have purpose- always. You will go to college soon enough. Don’t give up on high school.
  3. If you haven’t already signed up for an interview with some alumni from the schools you have applied to, contact the local interviewers. It will help to relieve your stress about the whole process.
  4. With Spring Breaks coming up, it would be a productive idea to make a campus visit or two. Perhaps you’ve already gained admission somewhere and have not yet seen the campus (or would like to see it again). Or maybe there’s a school that is close enough to make a fun day trip, go for it.
  5. If you’ve been deferred from a school, it is important that you find out what their policy is. In most cases, a school is not going to penalize you for writing a nice letter stating that you still very much want to attend.
  6. Review your list of schools and make sure that you have appropriate affordable colleges for these economic times. Perhaps you will need to go ahead and apply to your local college after all.

This is no time for passivity. You must continue to be your own advocate. And if none of these work to alleviate your anxieties, get some well-deserved rest and a bit of regular exercise, and remember why you undertook this process in the first place: It’s all in the name of a learning experience.