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5 Tips to Improve Your SAT Score

May 17, 2011 By: Category: College entrance exams, Get into College

Today we have a guest post from Jennifer Cohen, President and Chief Word-Nerd at SAT Vocabulary Prep.

If you’re reading this, you already know you need to boost your SAT score.  Maybe you’ve taken it once, and for round two — you know you need to step it up.  You’ve probably already done some prep and learned some tricks of the trade.  So let’s focus on the big picture and get those scores as high as possible!

  1. Motivate: Do you hold a serious grudge against the SAT?  Moan about how unfair it is?  You’re not the only one, but you’ve got to get over it.  The test is a must, whether you like it or not, so get yourself pumped up to take it.  Focus on what a good score can get you!  Spend some time looking at college catalogs and course descriptions.  If you get excited, you’ll be in a much better position to improve your score!
  2. Commit: Having good intentions to do your prep is a start, but if you never actually do it, you’re stuck with the same low score.  Get it in your head that SAT prep is just as important as your homework.  You may have to give up some lounging time, but even a few hours a week will make a difference.  Put SAT prep on your calendar and then DO IT.
  3. Plan: Choose a test date and get registered.  Make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to take the test again if you’re not happy with your score.  For seniors, the November date may be your last chance to make admissions deadlines (some schools will accept December, but you’ll need to do some research to be sure).  Then develop a study plan.  That may mean buying some books, taking a class or hiring a tutor.  Give yourself some structure, and then stick to it.
  4. Prep: This really should be first on the list.  You cannot improve your SAT score unless you do the work.  Sleeping with an SAT book under your pillow will not accomplish anything!  Practice, practice and more practice is the key to boosting your score, and you must work as many practice questions as possible before test day.  There are tons of resources for practice problems, but start with the College Board’s website for a lot of free “official” practice questions.
  5. Kick butt: If you’ve done all of the above, you should be ready.  Going into the test feeling confident can only help you!  You should have seen every possible type of question the SAT will throw at you by now.  Don’t freak out, work hard, then treat yourself to an evening off after the test.  Good luck!

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